General Information

The Book and Journal Reading Rooms:
• are located in the Collegium Altum building: the Book Reading Room (Czytelnia Książek) on the second floor, the Journal Reading Room (Czytelnia Czasopism) on the third floor,
• make around 300 000 books, journals and special materials, as well as a few dozen electronic databases, available on site,
• make it possible to use Polish and foreign research resources.

In the Reading Rooms you may:
• use the Library materials on site (you may not borrow them or take them off the premises) and the materials ordered from other libraries as part of interlibrary loans,
• get the librarians' assistance in locating the required resources and literature,
• search through various databases, bibliographic and informative publications,
• use the Internet,
• photocopy selected fragments of publications.

Reading Room users have at their disposal:
• around 400 seats,
• computers with access to the online catalogue, databases and the Internet,
• individual work cubicles (with the possibility of Internet access),
• group study rooms,
• a hotspot,
• copying services,
• self-service photocopiers.