Library Catalogues

The catalogue is the main source of information about the materials offered by the Library. The catalogue features bibliographic descriptions of publications (i.e. name(s) of the author(s), title, place and year of publication etc.).

Our Library has:

  • an online catalogue
    - you may use it online on any computer and on workstations set up in the Library,
    - for access the online catalogue please visit the following website:,
    - features descriptions of:
      - books acquired by the Library since 1978,
      - journals acquired by the Library since 1998 (including all content starting with the first volume),
    - doctoral dissertations,
    - norms,
    - multimedia,
  • card catalogues
    - you may use them only on Library premises.

    When searching for a given publication always start with the Library online catalogue. Only if you fail to find it there (and you are sure it was published, for instance, in 1956), check the card catalogue.

    Our Library keeps a few card catalogues - the most important of those is the main alphabetical catalogue, which:
    - is located in the Book Reading Room (Czytelnia Książek) on the second floor,
    - includes information on Library acquisitions from the years 1945-2004,
    - registers all books, journals, brochures, maps, micrographic materials,
    - comprises catalogue cards with a bibliographic description of a publication and shelfmark (in the top right hand corner), arranged alphabetically (using the Latin alphabet, including the letters j, k, w),
    - is useful when you know the name of the author and the title of the book, the title of collective work or the name of its editor, the title of a journal or a publishing series.

    Please note!
    As of 2005 Card Catalogues are no longer updated. If you are looking for the latest publications, you will only find them in the online catalogue.