General Information

The Main Library collects publications representing all research areas PUEB specializes in, with a particular focus on economics, management, commodity science and related fields.

In order to facilitate the search, our Library materials have been divided into distinct collections, depending on their use, form and subject matter.

We offer:

  • printed materials:
    - around 450 thousand books, journals and special-purpose materials,
    - around 660 journal titles in current subscription,
  • digital materials:
    - several thousand titles of full-text journals, books, statistical yearbooks, official journals, reports etc. available online in databases, at publishers’ websites, as well as in CD or DVD formats,
    - sources of information on international literature (bibliographic and abstract databases).

  • The Main Library makes its materials available:

  • on site to anyone, without the need to become a registered user of the Library:
    - in the Book Reading Room (Czytelnia Książek),
    - in the Journal Reading Room (Czytelnia Czasopism),
  • on loan to authorized users, following their registration with the Library:
    - in the Lending Library (Wypożyczalnia).